Sunday, May 20, 2012


For some of you retards who is on budget, I found this cab fare calculator application the most accurate for your cab ride. The site did not update our ex mayor Comrade Fenty's $19 maximum fare with in the District of Columbia bull-shit yet, but it does the calculation almost accurately.

Please don't forget the homeless,

Mad Cabbie.


Nicole said...

Mad Cabbie!
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DC Cab Rider said...

Fare calculator doesn't do so well in rush hour.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mad, when you going to write about Uber? I need two points clarified by an eminence such as yourself. (1) What I heard, Uber charges more than cabs, so how is it suddenly putting cabs out of business? (2) If you can't beat 'em, join 'em... but no, cabbies are a different species or something and can't switch over to Uber?

Respectfully yours,


Anonymous said...

Currently, Uber is a cross between a limousine and a taxi. Limousines are plain vehicles that charge by the hour. Taxis have funny paint schemes that charge by time and distance. Uber sends a plain car with a meter. Its inventor started it to give limousine owners something to do during down time.

Currently, its fares are higher than taxis. It does want to introduce a service that undercuts taxi fares.

Despite what it and its supporters claim, the vehicle that Uber sends is not always licenced. It does not always have a licenced driver. Not all the Uber sent vehicles show proof of insurance. They are doing transports within the District of Columbia.

In order to provide passenger service for hire in the District of Columbia the driver, the vehicle and the provider must have licences from the DC Taxicab Commission. Uber has no licence and pays no taxes or fees to DC. Not all vehicles that Uber sends have licences to transport for hire in ANY jurisdiction. Not all of the drivers have licences to operate a passenger vehicle for hire in ANY jurisdiction.

Uber is competing in an overregulated field under little regulation. THAT is unfair competition. If Uber wants to compete, let it do so under the hostile, overregulated environment that other providers and vehicles for hire do in the District.

On the other side, Uber taqkes credit cards, which a minority of DC cabs do. That will change due to recent legislation, but it will be until 2013 before all cabs have that. Uber sends a decent vehicle, as a rule. There are more than a few hoopties out there as cabs. Uber sends a decently mannered driver, as a rule. More than a few DC cab drivers are in serious need of an attitude adjustment. Uber shows up or tells you from the start that it can not service you. Stories of called cabs' failure to show in DC are legion.

In short, Uber delivers a nice driver, a decent vehicle and service. For too long, too many DC cab drivers have delivered attitudes, hoopties and excuses.

TO be sure, the gubbamint bears its share of responsibility for the cab drivers' plight, but it AIN'T all the gummint's fault.

The fix was put in for Uber in the Legislature. The recent legislation provides little regulation for Uber and htose of its ilk. They are supposed to revisit it in October (HA! HA! HA!). They might actually do so, as copycats are already on the street and other copycats are trying to enlist cab drivers, as well.. Get the streets choked with all these passenger vehicles for hire, and the gubbamint will regulate them, maybe even overregulate them, as they do the taxis.

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